Best In Show 2


We had an amazing day at Shetland Pony Breed Show on Valentine’s day.

Eowyn Ax here on the photo surprised me:
Best Filly
Champion of Young ponies
Best Standard born in Finland
and Best In Show II

Not that the other ponies did any worse:

Nenya Ax (yearling) Silver and Classwinner and extra praise of how well she behaved, the judge said one seldom sees so young ponies working so nicely, I’m very proud. It was her first time ever in trailer, away from mom and on a show.
These two fillies daddy Verano Lee v.d. Zandkamp second in stallion class with Gold.
And then of course our wonderful gelding Ivanhoe av Friheten Gold, Classwinner, Best Gelding, Reserve Champion Stallion/Gelding!

But the best critic was when the judge said that all of our ponies where of high quality and in perfect condition and well taken care of, makes me very happy that the work done for our ponies is noticed. Oh, and I got the price of Best Handler!

Wonderful moments given of these small friends of ours on Valentine’s Day 🙂


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